Power of Generative AI with SAP’s CX AI Toolkit

Unleashing the Power of Generative AI with SAP's CX AI Toolkit

In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead requires innovation and efficiency. As a leading SAP CX implementation partner, we understand the importance of leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations and drive growth. Today, we delve into the realm of SAP's CX AI Toolkit, a revolutionary solution that harnesses the power of generative AI to transform the way businesses operate within the realms of SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud and SAP Commerce.


The Generative AI Revolution

The heart of SAP's CX AI Toolkit lies in its innovative use of generative AI, a technology designed to automate tasks, improve catalogue health, proactively answer questions and generate detailed customer profiles. At the forefront of this toolkit is Joule, an AI co-pilot that serves as a catalyst for intelligent decision-making.

SAP's Reliability, Relevance, and Responsibility of AI

SAP understands the importance of trust and responsibility when it comes to implementing AI solutions. The CX AI Toolkit is engineered to be reliable, relevant and responsible. Trained on business datasets, delivered in a business context and built on ethical standards, the toolkit ensures that the AI capabilities meet the highest industry standards.


AI Tools for Enhanced Productivity

Sales AI Tools:

Empower sales personas with role-specific prompts, such as summarising opportunities, drafting prospecting emails and preparing for discovery calls.

Service AI Tools:

Provide service role-specific prompts, including generating customer responses, writing case overviews and aligning organisations on customer issues.

Commerce AI Tools:

Offer commerce role-specific prompts to generate high-quality content like blog posts, social media posts and product banner text.

Sales Cloud: Intelligent Selling Made Simple

In the fast-paced world of sales, SAP's Sales Cloud stands out as a game-changer, simplifying intelligent selling. Powered by generative AI, it seamlessly integrates diverse data sources, providing sales professionals with intelligent answers and insights. This innovative solution accelerates opportunities, strengthens customer relationships and ensures sales effectiveness, setting a new standard for the modern selling experience.

Connect Data to Sales Processes:

Unify disparate data sources, including emails, chats and historical sales data, to provide intelligent answers through AI insights and CRM processes.

Leverage AI Automation:

Accelerate opportunities with a virtual collaborator that uncovers hidden insights, generates relevant content and facilitates effective sales engagements.

Build Stronger Customer Relationships:

Become a trusted advisor by always having the right answers, resulting in increased time savings for higher-quality customer interactions.

Find Answers You Didn't Know You Had:

Summarise emails and meetings instantly and utilise intelligent Q&A to let AI proactively identify and answer customer questions.

Grow Relationships Through Closer Connections:

Automate tasks such as smart scheduling, CX record summarisation, and persona-specific prompts tailored for the sales team.

Service Cloud: Deliver on Your Brand Promise

In the realm of customer service excellence, SAP's Service Cloud takes centre stage, simplifying the delivery of brand promises through intelligent solutions. Fuelled by generative AI, it swiftly converts support tickets into opportunities, accelerates issue resolution and streamlines operations. By proactively identifying and answering customer queries, Service Cloud automates tasks, empowering service teams to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. This is service excellence made effortless, redefining the way businesses connect with their customers.

Convert Tickets to Opportunities:

Build brand relationships from support tickets, leveraging AI insights to accelerate issue resolution.

Remove Friction and Run Simply:

Automate tasks to empower the service team to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Deliver Current and Consistent Answers:

Utilise intelligent Q&A to proactively identify and answer customer questions while turning interactions into valuable knowledge.

Gain a Full View of Each Customer:

Enhance customer interactions through insights, with an intelligent customer profile that provides a 360-degree view.

Commerce Cloud: Drive Profitable Growth

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, SAP's Commerce Cloud emerges as a beacon of innovation, simplifying the drive for profitable growth through intelligent solutions. Powered by generative AI, it enriches product catalogues, enhances product discovery and delivers personalised experiences to customers. With features like visual search and AI-driven product descriptions, Commerce Cloud optimises productivity and offers a unique shopping experience. This is e-commerce excellence made simple, setting a new standard for businesses seeking to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Enrich Product Catalogue with AI:

Identify gaps in catalogue data, enhance data quality, and improve catalogue hygiene with AI-driven solutions.

Enhance Product Discovery:

Utilise visual search AI to enhance search results and create unique customer experiences with personalised content.

Personalise Your Products:

Automate e-commerce tasks with AI-generated product descriptions, attribute recommendations and visual search options for improved productivity.


Maximising AI Benefits Across Key Business Functions

The generative AI capabilities of SAP's CX AI Toolkit offer myriad benefits across sales, service, and commerce. From boosting sales team effectiveness to providing intelligent answers for customers and enriching product catalogues, the toolkit empowers businesses to optimise customer experiences, reduce support costs, and drive growth.

In conclusion, SAP's CX AI Toolkit represents a leap forward in the integration of AI into key business functions. By automating tasks, enriching data, and providing role-specific prompts, businesses can unlock the full potential of generative AI to enhance productivity, improve customer experiences, and position themselves at the forefront of innovation in the digital landscape.

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