Introducing SmartEngage by Prezien

SmartEngage by Prezien: Revolutionising Email Support in SAP Service Coud with ChatGPT

We love innovating! We are thrilled to introduce "SmartEngage" - Our latest innovation that brings together the power of Generative AI and SAP Service cloud to drive quicker and better email-based customer support.

SmartEngage seamlessly integrates SAP Service Cloud with ChatGPT through SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to empower service agents with intelligent, personalised and rapid response generation to customer inquiries, complaints and service requests. By harnessing the power of generative AI, we aim to help businesses to build deeper connections with customers, streamline workflows and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. SmartEngage is a first step towards the future of customer engagement that will be powered by Generative AI, providing unparalleled results for businesses worldwide.

Global Customer Expectations

In today's fast-paced, on-demand business environment, customers have 2 major expectations:

1. Rapid, on-demand response times
2. Personalised engagements at every touchpoint

These factors are now crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and the pressures of these are becoming increasingly more present to the organisation's customer service teams.


This is exactly what SmartEngage aims to deliver. It assists customer service reps to:

> Understand customer problems better,
> Propose paths to resolution,
> Creates high-quality email responses almost instantly.

SmartEngage is seamlessly integrated inside their SAP Service Cloud working environment that they are already familiar with.

How it Works

This article explores how Prezien leveraged the power of ChatGPT with SAP Service Cloud within SmartEngage to automate email analysis, sentiment detection, summary generation and response formulation, ultimately improving the effectiveness of customer service agents by overcoming the two discussed business challenges.

ChatGPT Integrated to SAP Service Cloud

By integrating ChatGPT into the SAP Service Cloud system using SAP BTP, businesses can streamline their processes and enhance customer interactions.

The following steps below run illustrate the process flow of how the tool works:

1. The Email Intake Process:

When an email is received by a business, it is often directed to either the customer services team or the sales team, depending on the nature of the inquiry. This can be automated by utilising SAP Service Cloud's existing capabilities. Additionally, SAP Service Cloud have the capabilities to automatically create service tickets from an email.

2. Generating a Proposed Response:

Upon receiving the email, SAP Service Cloud automatically creates a ticket to track the communication. The system then sends the email's content to ChatGPT via an API for analysis. ChatGPT, powered by its natural language processing capabilities, examines the email and generates four key outcomes:

Email Sentiment Analysis:

ChatGPT analyses the tone and sentiment of the email, determining whether it is positive, negative or neutral. This information helps the business understand the customer's emotions and respond accordingly, ensuring a personalised approach.

Email Response Generator 1

Email Summary:

By extracting key information from the email, ChatGPT creates a concise summary. This summary provides a quick email overview for service agents, saving time and allowing them to grasp the customer's request or concern at a glance.

Email Summary

Actionable Insights:

ChatGPT identifies any specific actions required based on the email's content. For example, if a customer reports a product defect, the system can flag it as a high-priority issue, ensuring a prompt response and appropriate follow-up.

email response course of action

Personalised Proposed Response:

Leveraging its language generation capabilities, ChatGPT crafts a proposed response to the email. This response can be customised within the tool, allowing service agents to adjust the email's length and tone to provide an emotionally appropriate response based on an email's context. The tool allows for a personalised and consistent customer experience across different interactions.

email proposed response

3. Using SAP BTP to Orchestrate System Communications

At the heart of SmartEngage is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), acting as the seamless link between SAP Service Cloud and ChatGPT. BTP efficiently routes incoming emails to ChatGPT for sentiment analysis, extracting crucial insights through API calls. It then integrates AI-generated responses back into SAP Service Cloud, empowering our team with lightning-fast analysis and personalised communication for exceptional customer interactions.

What does this mean for Businesses?

Integrating AI, such as ChatGPT, into the SAP Service Cloud system empowers businesses to automate and enhance their email handling processes. By leveraging ChatGPT's language capabilities in sentiment analysis, summary generation, actionable insights and response formulation, companies can streamline their customer support and sales operations. This improves efficiency and enables businesses to deliver personalised, timely and effective responses, ultimately driving customer satisfaction and boosting sales performance in the competitive marketplace.

Transform your customer support and sales with Prezien's SmartEngage. Discover the power of AI in your SAP solutions. Streamline email analysis, craft personalised responses and boost customer satisfaction. Experience the future of intelligent customer service and sales. Reach out to the Prezien team to try it today!

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