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SAP Free Trial + Prezien Free Guidance

SAP Free Trial + Prezien Free Guidance = Maximum Value for Your CRM Journey

Introduction to the Offer:

Leverage the best of both worlds: SAP’s comprehensive free trial and Prezien’s tailored expert guidance for an unmatched CRM experience.

At Prezien, we believe in the power of human interaction. Our guidance program is driven by a commitment to provide personalised, expert support, enhancing your experience beyond automated solutions.

SAP Free-Trial

What You Get:

Access 10 free hours of Prezien's expert SAP CX guidance throughout your trial, with no commitments. Our seasoned experts are here to maximise your trial's value at no cost to you. Enjoy support that's focused solely on your success.

10 Hours of Free Guidance and Support:

Direct access to our seasoned SAP CX experts, completely free of cost.

Available Throughout Your Trial:

Utilise these hours anytime during your SAP trial period.

No Strings Attached:

Enjoy our commitment-free support, focused solely on maximising your trial’s value.

Services Provided:

Access expert SAP guidance for queries, optimise system performance with efficient setup help and explore transformative benefits for enhanced customer engagement and sales efficiency—all guided by our experienced professionals.

Expert Answers:

Have all your SAP queries addressed by our experienced professionals.

Insightful Guidance:

Uncover the full potential of SAP Sales and Service Cloud.

Efficient Setup:

Get assistance in configuring your system for peak performance.

Benefits Exploration:

Understand how SAP can transform your customer engagement and sales efficiency.

Why Choose Prezien?

Elevate your free trial with Prezien, a trusted SAP implementation partner boasting a rich 20-year history in SAP CX software. Benefit from our unwavering commitment to enhancing your business capabilities, coupled with a proven track record of successful implementations. Choose experience, reliability, and innovation—choose Prezien for a seamless journey to business excellence.

Call to Action:

Begin your journey towards CRM excellence. Sign up for our free guidance program today! Our dedicated team is ready to provide you with 10 hours of free expert support, helping you unlock the full potential of SAP Sales and Service Cloud v2.

For more details, contact us at: guidemytrial@prezien.com

SAP Sales Cloud v2:


SAP Service Cloud v2:


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