Prezien Optimising Fleet Maintenance and Streamlining Repair

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Prezien Helps Industrial Vehicle Manufacturers Optimise Fleet Maintenance and Streamline Repair

Main Use-Case

Evolving an Industrial Vehicle Manufacturer’s fleet maintenance and repair processes
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Date: 2020

Industry: Industrial Vehicle Manufacturer

Location: Europe

Category: Service Management

Key Business Challenges

The client’s fleet of industrial vehicles required regular maintenance and repairs to ensure they functioned at optimal levels. The client faced several challenges in this regard, including:

Absent part management and stock visibility

Mechanics used manual paper reports, lacked history and accurate location

Lack of visibility of mechanics' utilization and inefficient process for dispatching them


Prezien implemented an integrated solution to help the client overcome their challenges, streamlining their service processes, improving maintenance and part management and enhancing transparency and reporting across the business.

SAP Field Service Management

SAP ERP Central Component 6.0


Prezien’s Solution

Prezien worked closely with industrial vehicle manufacturers to ensure a rapid yet secure implementation of the solution. We found 4 key factors critical to the success of the project:

Analysing the client's existing processes

Identifying pain points

Designing a solution that would meet their specific needs

Working closely with the business deliver a user-focused solution

Business Benefits

The implementation of the solution provided the following benefits to the client:

Reduced maintenance costs

Increased field productivity

Improved customer satisfaction

Reduced dispatch times

Improved parts management

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With Prezien’s help, the implementation of the SAP FSM and SAP ECC 6.0 solution provided the industrial vehicle manufacturer with the tools necessary to:

Streamline their fleet maintenance and repair processes

Realise significant improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction

Effectively manage their fleet

Reduce costs

Improve overall efficiency of business operations