Prezien Delivers Rapid Digitization of Service Processes and Asset Maintenance

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Prezien Delivers Rapid Digitization of Service Processes and Asset Maintenance for a Business Services Organisation

Project Overview

A Business Services Organisation had recently acquired a new contract to perform maintenance on vehicles in specific locations across the country. However, with an 8-week timeline, the organization had to introduce new formalized service processes with a requirement to avoid working with paper to digitalised service processes and asset maintenance. To bring digital innovation to their service processes, they turned to Prezien.

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Date: 2023

Industry: Asset Maintenance Services

Location: Europe

Category: Service Management

Key Business Challenges

To complete an integrated service management solution in 8-weeks wasn’t going to be easy. The organisation faced a number of challenges going into the project:

Requirement to develop formalized processes and ways of working

Hiring and training the entire team: call centre agents, service technicians and IT teams

Avoid working with paper to digitalised service processes and asset maintenance

Requirements for a multi-language system

SAP Solution Landscape

Prezien proposed to implement and integrate SAP Service Cloud and SAP Field Service Management to schedule and deploy service technicians. Despite the extremely short timeframe of just 8 weeks to deliver a 3-tiered landscape across:

SAP Service Cloud

SAP Field Service Management


Prezien’s Solution

To meet the deadline Prezien worked with the organisation’s business and IT teams to deliver a fully integrated solution. The utilization of both the Prezien team and the customer’s internal teams and a tight scope for the project enabled Prezien to deliver a successful project, on time.

Project Results

The project had a number of significant wins:

Transformation from a traditional to an information-based business model

Digitised asset maintenance and service processes

The delivery of a fully integrated, 3-tiered landscape across 2 systems

Delivered in an incredibly short timeframe of 8 weeks

Greater efficiency of service technicians in the field

Improved maintenance of assets, reducing asset downtime

The organisation saw immediate success in the adoption of the software and plans are already in place to expand the contract.
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Lessons Learnt

Upon reflection, Prezien found 5 key learning points that enabled the success of an 8-week project:

Collaboration between business and IT teams is critical for successful implementation of new systems.

A short project timeframe can be achieved with the right planning, execution and project management.

Investing in technology can lead to immediate business process improvements and cost savings.

Ongoing training and support are crucial for user adoption and system maintenance.

Utilising a proven implementation methodology can help ensure project success, even within tight deadlines.


Prezien successfully implemented SAP Service Cloud and SAP FSM for this business within a tight deadline of 8 weeks, enabling them to digitize their asset maintenance and service processes. This resulted in:

Improved efficiency and productivity

Cost savings

Higher first time fixes

Increasing overall uptime of assets in the field

Faster processing of operational information

Prezien’s expertise in delivering successful projects within tight deadlines, collaboration with customer’s internal teams and utilisation of SAP implementation methodology were key factors in the project’s success. Overall, the project was a significant step towards bringing business innovation to both the service agents and the field technicians, leading to plans for expanding the contract.