How Prezien Transformed Amey PLC's Maintenance and Services

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Paper-Based Maintenance to Digitized Processes: How Prezien Transformed Amey PLC’s Maintenance and Services

Project Overview

Amey PLC is a UK-based company that specializes in providing road construction and maintenance services to various road authority customers. The company is responsible for the maintenance and management of many aspects of geographical regions such as motorways, roads, tunnels and traffic lights.

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Name: Amey PLC

Date: 2020-onwards

Industry: Asset Maintenance Services

Location: Scotland

Category: Service Management


Key Business Challenges

Prior to implementing the SAP solution, Amey faced several challenges in managing their services including:

Relied on paper-based and manual processes for maintenance and repair tasks

Limited transparency of job costs and margins, making it difficult to optimize operations

Inefficient allocation of resources leading to delays and lower productivity

No centralized service management system

SAP Solution Landscape

Prezien provided an integrated solution between SAP applications and external 3rd party systems. This allowed for better process automation, real-time visibility into job statuses and resource availability and streamlined operations:

SAP Service Cloud (Case management and planning)

SAP FSM (Dispatching and mobile capture)

ECC (Financials postings)


Prezien’s Solution

To address these challenges, Amey implemented a comprehensive SAP solution landscape that included SAP Service Cloud, SAP FSM and SAP ERP. The SAP solution provided the following key use-cases:

Receiving client-initiated issues, work orders and service requests of various types

Single point in SAP Service Cloud to triage, determine the nature of work and assign it to the appropriate team for further processing

Advanced planning for major, minor and regular maintenance activities to be carried out on the road network

Dispatching teams of workers to the site for carrying out the required works

Mobile capture of actual quantities of equipment, time and material used, evidence of work completion, pre-works checks with electronic signatures, safety and site induction checklists with signatures

Posting of information into SAP ERP(ECC) for service order management and billing

Reporting and analytics on ongoing projects and jobs, planned vs. actual costs, project profitability and worker utilization

Project Results

Leveraging standard integration and power of BTP for external system integration and key extensions to standard functionality

Reduced paperwork and manual data entry to save time and improve accuracy.

Improved customer satisfaction through transparency and faster resolution

Better utilization of teams

Lowered cost to serve

Sustainability through digitization of paperwork

Prevention of revenue leakage through capture of electronic evidence

Insight into contract profitability

Deep, trusted partnership between Amey team and Prezien team

Process harmonization and standardization across various customer contracts

Delivered entirely remotely through the peak pandemic and lockdown

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SAP Solution Landscape

With the integration of SAP FSM with SAP Service Cloud, SAP ECC 6.0 and external 3rd party systems and Prezien’s expertise in software and service management enabled the infrastructure maintenance and services organisation to:

Increased workforce utilization and mobility by automating processes and providing real-time visibility into job statuses and resource availability.

Provide a tailored solution that addressed the specific challenges faced by the infrastructure maintenance and services firm

Improve the client's maintenance and repair processes

Increase workforce utilization and mobility

Improve compliance and efficiency

The client was able to deliver a higher level of service to their customers and improve their overall business performance

Deliver projects entirely remotely

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