Harmonizing Service Processes and Improves Maintenance Management

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High Tech Equipment Manufacturer Harmonizes Service Processes and Improves Maintenance Management

Project Overview

Prezien helped a high tech manufacturer streamline their maintenance and repair of equipment, while improving their service processes and workforce utilization.
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Date: 2020

Industry: Industrial Equipment Manufacturer

Location: Europe

Category: Service Management

Key Business Challenges

Administration of service management across business was not defined as a standard process

Engineers in the Field used manual paper reports, did not have visibility of client history prior to visit and current parts stock levels

No standard fault codes to capture reliability data from the field, difficult for R&D team to prioritize workload


Prezien provided a solution that was integrated with ECC 6.0 and streamlined the customer’s service processes across their business:

FSM integrated with ECC 6.0


Solution Outcomes

Implemented standard fault codes to capture reliability data from the field and prioritize workload for the R&D team.

Improved customer satisfaction by providing 360-degree view of customer history to field engineers prior to visit.

Reduced paper-based processes for field service and replaced them with digital processes for better data accuracy and faster communication.

Enhanced data visibility across the organization with FSM integrated with ECC 6.0, allowing for better decision-making and analytics.

Facilitated better workforce management and utilization with FSM tools, enabling the client to assign and dispatch resources more effectively.

Delivered the solution on time and within budget, with seamless integration between systems and minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

Developed a trusted partnership with the client, with ongoing support and consultation to ensure continued success and value from the solution.

Business Benefits

Greater efficiency of planning, scheduling and resource allocation

Reduced costs around inefficiencies

Reduced risk from paper-based processes, financial, reputational and people risks

Greater use of data for data-driven decisions

Enhanced reliability data to prioritize R&D workload

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SAP Solution Landscape

The High Tech Manufacturer successfully harmonised their service processes and improved maintenance management with the help of Prezien’s FSM integrated with ECC 6.0 solution. As a result, the High Tech Manufacturer was able to achieve better visibility and control over its service operations, streamline processes and provide a 360 customer view, enabling it to provide better service to its customers and stay ahead of the competition.
If you’re interested in learning more about how Prezien’s FSM solutions can help your business:

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Reduce costs

Improve customer satisfaction

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